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Let’s make sure your race is a success

Having worked in OA’s and as race officials, we at CRCA understand what you’re looking for in a class – bring you more boats, don’t complicate your race management, and make sure you can get your scoring done before the RC boat gets back to the dock.  We get it, we’ve done it, and we’ll make sure that it happens for your race too.

Why cruisers like CRCA

What CRCA offers cruisers is a support system to help them get started racing so that they’re more comfortable registering and coming out to the course, as well as the use of a rating system that can balance fairly the various performance differences that the wide range of our members’ boats exhibit, regardless of the course configuration or wind ranges on race day.  This results in your race having more entrants, more registration fees, more awards, and more participation at the race party.

How we help you

Race week and race day get busy, so the CRCA team can provide as much or as little support as your OA desires.  We know our class rules (which you can find here), we can communicate with our class’s entrants, we can generate ratings and transmit them to you, and we can even enter them into your scoring system!  To make the race management of our classes as easy as possible for your OA and RC, we separate our coordinating activities into two groups – pre-race steps and race day activities.

Pre-Race Steps

  • CRCA provides your OA with a dedicated CRCA coordinator contact; this contact is also made known to the CRCA members.  This can substantially reduce the number of inquiries and questions for your race management staff to handle.
  • At registration closing time, we will coordinate with your race management staff to confirm and finalize class assignments, class splits, class joins, and non-spinnaker declarations, in accordance with the CRCA class rules.
  • CRCA will communicate with its classes’ entrants regarding class assignment changes (if any), preliminary rating selections (course and wind range) based on predicted conditions, and any other information that the OA/RC would like us to disseminate and/or emphasize.

Race Day Activities

  • CRCA assigns an experienced, dedicated scorer to monitor weather data across the course during the race.
  • Based on wind direction and speed data over the course of the race, our scorer will determine the most suitable ratings course and wind speed range.  Optionally, the wind speed may be split across multiple wind speed ranges (more common) as a percentage weight applied to each range’s ratings to arrive at a weighted rating for each boat; the same may happen for the course selection (less common); we refer to these as 'blended' ratings.
  • The CRCA scorer will transmit the final ratings for each entrant at whatever time the OA prefers; generally, this happens shortly after the first CRCA-class entrant finishes.
  • The OA, of course, can choose to make their own course and wind speed range selection in lieu of the CRCA recommendations and ratings.

ORR-Ez Rating Certificates

CRCA uses the Offshore Racing Association’s ORR-Ez rating certificate system.  ORR-Ez certificates are inexpensive and easy to apply for.  For more information about ORR-Ez, see ORA's ORR-Ez page.  To look up individual certificates, see the Mid-Atlantic ORR-Ez Valid List.